Dental Meeting Planners

It’s that time of year when meeting planners are planning content and speakers for dental societies, seminars, state meetings and workshops.

Modern Practice Solutions is pleased to offer a new course:  The CASH Course.  This class is designed to inspire you and your team members to “unflatten” your practice.


C-Collections:  We present timely information on collections particularly in changing your business model to pay the co-payment prior to seeing the Dentist/Hygienist…just like the medical model.  Learn how to better utilize your management software’s allowance tables to accurately figure these amounts.

A-Advertising and marketing:  Whether you have a busy practice or looking for ways to attract new patients, we highight how to best market your practice in today’s modern world.

S-Selling:  Presenting treatment plans based on science is not how your patient accepts the proposal. Learn how to seal the deal and turn treatment plans into revenue and satisfied patients.

H-Happy Staff:  A practice with good systems minimizes stress and promotes a healthy, happy team.  Learn how to deal with toxic personalities.

Empower your team to be prepared with solutions in turning around negative behavior to accomplish practice goals and truly enjoy each day in the practice. This is a fun class. Available as 2 CEUs. Written by: Olivia Wann;  Presented by: Olivia Wann and Christy Davenport

OSHA Compliance and Infection Control for Dental Offices:  This timely course provides the latest information on OSHA compliance, including OSHA’s new GHS regulation.

This program addresses OSHA-required documentation and policies dental offices are required to have in place such as the Work Exposure Control Plan, Post Exposure Management Plan, Hazard Communication Plan, Annual Chemical Inventory, Fire and Emergency Plans, training rosters, employee medical records and others.

Also included is the latest CDC infection control guidelines to include step-by-step instrument management.  Avoid making the news because you and your team are out of date.   Available as 2 CEUs or more depending on content requested. Written by Olivia Wann;  Presented by Olivia Wann, Terri Soules and Christy Davenport.

HIPAA Compliance:  What Do They Want Out of Me Now? This course covers HIPAA’s new Omnibus Rule including new requirements for the Notice of Privacy Practices and Business Associate Agreements.  HIPAA requires a thorough and detailed risk assessment and a corresponding risk management plan.  Learn how your office can be prepared for an audit or combat a complaint having the required documentation in place.  It’s not a matter of just filling in templates -it’s imperative to understand how to conduct a risk assessment and make the necessary changes to secure protected health information.  2 CEUs. Written by: Olivia Wann.  Presented by: Olivia Wann, Terri Soules and Christy Davenport.

COMING SOON:  Chemical Dependency for Dental Professionals: This program addresses chemical dependency, Drug Free Tennessee and Tennessee’s recent law passed on prescription safety.

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