HIPAA: Risk Assessment & Risk Management Plan

HIPAA: Risk Assessment & Risk Management Plan Image

The woes of HIPAA compliance….

HIPAA requires a thorough and accurate risk assessment of your data’s security.  As HIPAA consultants, we collaborate with your Practice Administrator and your IT professionals to answer questions such as:

a)  Does the IT System Analyst conduct periodic security evaluations and continuous monitoring?

b)  What method of access control is (are) used (e.g., identity-based, role-based, location-based, or a combination?

c) Is there a formal, written contingency plan?

d) Does it address disaster recovery and data backup?

e) If penetration testing has been determined to be reasonable and appropriate, has penetration testing been performed?

This is just a sampling of the detailed risk assessment we provide along with a corresponding risk management plan.  Call our office today to schedule your risk assessment:  (931) 232-7738

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