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Grow Together with Performance Reviews

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By Olivia Wann, JD

Have you scheduled performance reviews with your team members? This is a great time to conduct your evaluation of the employee's achievements and contributions made during year 2022 and to assess the areas to improve during year 2023.

Although some organizations conduct reviews as frequently as quarterly, most dental and medical practices conduct the appraisals at least annually.

A traditional review is conducted by either the office manager or owner dentist/doctor. A 360-degree review allows not only the owner-doctor and office manager to conduct a review, but also a team leader serving in a managerial position or an associate dentist - doctor who has key insight to the performance of the individual employee.

Self-appraisals allow the employee to conduct a review of their own performance, to include accomplishments as well as an assessment of areas that require improvement.

It is also beneficial to assess the performance of a group or department, such as the hygiene department, the dental assistants, and so forth.

And of course, employees may ask for a review which is an employee-initiated review.

We, at Modern Practice Solutions and the Law Office of Olivia Wann & Associates, conduct our reviews in January. We prefer the self-appraisals. The employee completes a performance review, followed by Olivia. It's a time to encourage, praise, and recognize accomplishments. It is also a time to identify challenges and for management to learn how to remove barriers that are blocking an employee from achieving greater success.

The reviews are invaluable for gauging growth and improvement year to year. Unfortunately, it also an audit trail verifying that unacceptable work performance was identified and counseled.

The goal of the performance reviews is to motivate your team to ongoing success. Schedule time to get your performance reviews completed. If you need assistance with this process, contact Olivia at [email protected].

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