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Is Your Dental License Current?

Is Your Dental License Current? Image

By Olivia Wann, JD

Quite a number of support calls and cases have come through with the problem of RDAs and RDHs licenses lapsed. This results in fines and penalties for both the RDA, RDH, and the owner/dentist.

It's the individual licensed employee who is responsible to keep their own license current. This means that you as the employee pay to keep your license current, satisfy the required CE, and ensure the Board has a current address for you including a current email address.

If the employer pays for the license renewals, that's a benefit.

The employer is responsible to display the dental license. With that said, someone in management should be checking the licenses to ensure they are current. If it's a large practice, it may be advantageous to put everyone's name and license renewal date into an Excel spreadsheet. Or you could add reminders on your appointment calendar.

You may check the status of a licensed employee online. For example, in Tennessee visit: https://apps.health.tn.gov/Licensure/

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