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What Happens When You Disobey a HIPAA Rule?

What Happens When You Disobey a HIPAA Rule? Image

By Olivia Wann, JD


The Office of Civil Rights indicates that sanction policies can support HIPAA compliance. Your sanction policies can be an important tool for supporting accountability and improving cybersecurity and data protection. Employees are required to comply with written policies and procedures. If they violate these policies and procedures, sanctions are specifically required by HIPAA’s Privacy Rule and Security Rule. 

As a matter of fact, in dealing with a privacy breach recently, the OCR’s attorney wanted to ensure proof that the dentist disciplined the employee responsible for the violation. 

Imposing consequences on employees who violate the practice’s policies can be very effective in creating a culture of HIPAA compliance and improved cybersecurity. 

Be sure to train your team so that they fully understand that such violations are punishable. Every team member contributes to the practice’s compliance.

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