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Why Are Employees Leaving?

Why Are Employees Leaving? Image

By Olivia Wann, JD

Have you wondered why people are leaving their jobs? According to iHire's 2022 Talent Retention Report, the top 5 reasons people left jobs in the last 12 months are:

  • Unhappy with their manager/supervisor 43.7%
  • Unsatisfactory pay/salary 43.4%
  • Poor work/life balance 35.4%
  • Lack of recognition/appreciation 29.7%
  • Few growth/advancement opportunities 28.3%

In a dental or medical office, obviously compensation can peak in line with industry averages for the required position; however, can we explore ways to increase satisfaction with compensation such as an additional paid day off, participation in a bonus, payment of a portion of health insurance coverage or other ideas?

Most dental offices only work 4 days a week allowing better work/life balance. However, in evaluating a lack of recognition or appreciation, can we consider making the effort to engage everyone during morning huddles and team meetings? Perhaps interview team members during the meeting to share their perspective on practice growth, patient satisfaction, and goals for the new year. Everyone wants and needs to be heard.

Olivia Wann is excited to offer a new program in 2023: From Acceptable to Exceptional: How to raise your team's performance and keep them engaged.

Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming course! If you have any questions in regards to courses offered in the coming year, email [email protected].

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